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Händel - The Great Oratories - Cd

759,95 kr.
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Denne samling er limited edition, og indeholder nogle af de bedste præsentationer af Händel. Denne boks indeholder hele 41 cd'er fyldt med en masse skøn klassisk musik. 


CD 1
01: Sonate
02: Disserratevi, o porte d'Averno
03: Qual'insolita luce
04: Ma, che veggio?
05: D'amor fu consiglio
06: O voi, dell'Erebo
07: Notte, notte funesta
08: Piangete, sì, piangete
09: Dolci chiodi, amate spine
10: Quando è parto dell'affetto
11: Naufragando va per l'onde
12: Così la tortorella
13: Ho un non so che nel cor
14: Il Nume vincitor

CD 2
01: Introduction
02: Ecco il sol, ch'esce dal mar
03: Risorga il mondo
04: Di rabbia indarno freme
05: Per celare il nuovo scorno
06: Impedirlo io saprò
07: Per me già di morire
08: Vedo il Ciel che più sereno
09: Se per colpa di donna infelice
10: Del ciglio dolente
11: Augelletti, ruscelletti
12: Caro Figlio!
13: Se impassibile, immortale
14: Diasi lode in Cielo, in terra

CD 3
01: Sinfonia
02: Oh, The Pleasure Of The Plains
03: Ye Verdant Plains
04: Hush, Ye Pretty Warbling Quire
05: Where Shall I Seek The Charming Fair
06: Stay, Shepherd, Stay
07: Shepherd, What Art Thou Pursuing
08: Lo! Here My Love
09: Love In Her Eyes Sits Playing
10: Oh! Didst Thou Know
11: As When The Dove Laments Her Love
12: Happy We

CD 4
01: Wretched Lovers
02: I Rage, I Melt, I Burn
03: O Ruddier Than The Cherry
04: Whither, Fairest, Art Thou Running
05: Cease To Beauty To Be Suing
06: Would You Gain The Tender Creature
07: His Hideous Love
08: Love Sounds Th'alarm
09: Consider, Fond Shepherd
10: Cease, O Cease
11: The Flocks Shall Leave The Mountains
12: Help, Galatea
13: Mourn, All Ye Muses
14: Must I My Acis Still Bemoan
15: 'Tis Done
16: Heart, The Seat Of Soft Delight
17: Galatea, Dry Thy Tears

CD 5
01: Ouverture...Tis greater far to spare
02: Pluck root and branch from out the land
03: Shall we the God of Israel fear?
04: Tune your harps to cheerful strains
05: Shall we of servitude complain
06: Praise the Lord with cheerful noise
07: Sing songs of praise, bow down the knee
08: Ye sons of Israel mourn
09: O Jordan, Jordan, sacred tide
10: Dread not, righteous Queen, the danger
11: Tears assist me, pity moving
12: Save us, O Lord

CD 6
01: Who dares intrude into our presence
02: Who calls my parting soul from death?
03: O beauteous Queen"...Recit:"If I find favour
04: How can I stay when love invites
05: Virtue, truth and innocence
06: Jehovah, crown'd with glory bright
07: Turn not, O Queen, thy face away
08: Flatt'ring tongue, no more I hear thee!
09: How art thou fall'n from thy height!
10: The Lord our enemy has slain

CD 7
01: Sinfonia
02: Blooming virgins, spotless train
03: The rising world Jehovah crown'd
04: Tyrants would in impious throngs
05: When he is in his wrath reveal'd
06: Your sacred songs awhile forbear
07: What scenes of horror round me rise!
08: The gods, who chosen blessings shed
09: Cheer her, O Baal
10: Gentle airs, melodious strains!
11: Softest sounds no more can ease me
12: The traitor if you there descry...My Josabeth!
13: Faithful cares in vain extended
14: Gloomy tyrants, we disdain

CD 8
01: The mighty pow'r
02: Through the land so lovely blooming
03: Ah, canst thou but prove me!
04: Will God, whose mercies ever flow
05: My vengeance awakes me
06: My spirits fail, I faint, I die!
07: Cease thy anguish, smile once more
08: The clouded scene begins to clear
09: What sacred horrors shake my breast!
10: Unfold, great seer, what heav'n imparts
11: Let harmony breathe soft around
12: With firm united hearts
13: Soothing tyrant, falsely smiling
14: Around let acclamations ring
15: Oppression, no longer I dread thee
16: Hark! His thunders round me roll
17: To darkness eternal
18: Now, Josabeth, thy fears are o'er!
19: Give glory to his awful name

CD 9
01: Overture
02: T'was at the royal feast
03: Happy, happy, happy pair!
04: Timotheus placed on high
05: The song began from Jove
06: The listening crowd admired the lofty sound
07: With ravish'd ears
08: The praise of Bacchus then
09: Bacchus, ever fair and young
10: Soothed with the sound, the king grew vain
11: He chose a mournful Muse
12: He sung Darius, great and good
13: With downcast looks the joyless victor sate
14. Behold Darius great and good
15: The mighty master smiled to see
16: Softly sweet in Lydian measures
17: War, he sung, is toil and trouble
18: The many rend the skies with loud applause
19: The prince, unable to conceal his pain
20: The many rend the skies with loud applause

CD 10
01: Allegro
02: Largo - Adagio
03: Allegro - Adagio
04: Andante non presto
05: Now strike the golden lyre again...Break his bond...Hark, hark! The horrid sound
06: Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries...Behold, a ghastly band
07: Give the vengeance due
08: The princes applaud with a furious joy
09: Thaïs led the way...The princes applaud
10: Thus, long ago
11: At last divine Cecilia came
12: Your voices tune, and raise them high
13: Let's imitate her notes above!
14: Let old Timotheus yield the prize
15: Let old Timotheus yield the prize

CD 11
01: Allegro
02: Larghetto
03: Allegro
04: Andante larghetto
05: How excellent thy name, O Lord
06: An infant rais'd by thy command...Along the monster atheist strode
07: The youth inspir'd by Thee, O Lord
08: How excellent thy name, O Lord
09: He comes...O godlike youth!
10: Behold, O King, the brave victorious youth
11: O King, your favours with delight I take...O early piety!
12: What abject thoughts a Prince can have...Yet think, on whom this honour you bestow
13: Birth and fortune I despise!
14: Go on, illustrious pair!...While yet thy tide of blood runs high
15: Thou, Merab, first in birth... My soul rejects the thought...See, see with what a scornful air... Ah! lovely youth!
16: Symphony..."Already see the daughters...Welcome, welcome mighty King!
17: What do I hear?... David his ten thousands slew...To him ten thousands!
18: With rage I shall burst his praises to hear!
19: Imprudent women!
20: Fell rage and black despair possessed
21: This but the smallest part of harmony...By thee this universal frame
22: Rack'd with infernal pains
23: O Lord, whose mercies
24: 'Tis all in vain...A serpent in my bosom warm'd...Has he escaped my rage?
25: Capricious man
26: O filial piety!
27: No, no cruel father, no!
28: O Lord, whose providence ever wakes for their defence
29: Preserve him for the glory of thy name
30: Audience Applause Act 

CD 12
01: Envy! Eldestborn of hell!
02: Ah! dearest friend
03: But sooner Jordan's stream, I swear
04: O strange vicissitude!
05: Such haughty beauties
06: My father comes...Hast thou obey'd my orders
07: Sin not, o King, against the youth
08: As great Jehovah lives
09: From cities storm'd, and battles won
10: Appear, my friend
11: Your words, O King...Yes he shall wed my daughter!
12: A Father's willl
13: O fairest of ten thousand fair... Is there a man
14: Symphony
15: Thy father is as cruel
16: At persecution I can laugh
17: Whom dost thou seek?
18: No, no, let the guilty tremble
19: Mean as he was
20: Author of peace
21: Symphony
22: The time at length is come...Where is the son of Jesse
23: O fatal consequence of rage

CD 13
01: Wretch that I am...'Tis said, here lives a woman...With me what would'st thou?
02: Infernal Spirits
03: Why hast thou forc'd me from the realms of peace
04: Symphony
05: Whence comest thou?...Impious wretch, of race accurst
06: March
07: Mourn Israel
08: O let it not in Gath be heard
09: From this unhappy day
10: Brave Jonathan his bow ne'er drew
11: Eagles were not so swift as they
12: In sweetest harmony
13: O fatal Day
14: Ye men of Judah, weep no more
15: Gird on thy sword
16: Audience Applause Act 

CD 14
01: Overture
02: Now there arose a new king...And the children of Israel sighed
03: Then sent He Moses...They loathed to drink of the river
04: Their land brought forth frogs
05: He spake the word
06: He gave them hailstones
07: He sent a thick darkness
08: He smote all the first-born of Egypt
09: But as for his people
10: Egypt was glad when they departed
11: He rebuked the Red Sea
12: And Israel saw that great work

CD 15
01: Moses and the children of Israel
02: The Lord is my strength
03: He is my God
04: The Lord is a man of war
05: The depths have covered them
06: Thy right hand, o Lord
07: And with the blast of thy nostrils
08: The enemy said: I will pursue
09: Thou didst blow with the wind
10: Who is like unto thee
11: Thou in thy mercy
12: The people shall hear and be afraid
13: Thou shalt bring them
14: The Lord shall reign...For the horse of Pharoah...And Miriam the prophetess...Sing ye to the Lord
15: Zadok the Priest 
16: The King shall rejoice

CD 16
01: Symphony
02: Comfort ye, My people
03: Ev'ry Valley shall be exalted
04: And The Glory Of The Lord
05: Thus saith the Lord
06: But who may abide the day of his coming
07: And He shall purify the sons of Levi
08: Behold, a virgin shall conceive
09: O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion
10: For behold, darkness shall cover
11: The people that walked in darkness
12: For unto us a Child is born
13: Pifa (Pastoral Symphony)
14: There were shepherds ... And suddenly there
15: Glory to God in the highest
16: Rejoice greatly, o daughter of Zion
17: Then shall the eyes of the blind
18: He shall feed his flock
19: His yoke is easy
20: Behold the Lamb of God
21: He was despised

CD 17
01: Surely He hath borne our griefs
02: And with His stripes we are healed
03: All we like sheep have gone astray
04: All they that see Him
05: He trusted in God
06: Thy rebuke hath broken His heart
07: Behold and set
08: He was cut off
09: But thou didst not leave
10: Lift up your heads
11: Unto which of the angels
12: Let all the angels of God
13: Thou art gone up on high
14: The Lord gave the word
15: How beautiful are the feet
16: Their sound is gone out
17: Why do the nations so furiously rage together?
18: Let us break their bonds asunder
19: He that dwelleth in heaven
20: Thou shalt break them
21: Hallelujah
22: I know that my Redeemer liveth
23: Since by man came death
24: Behold, I tell you a mystery
25: The trumpet shall sound
26: Then shall be brought to pass
27: O death where is thy sting?
28: But thanks be to God
29: If God Be For Us
30: Worthy is the Lamb... Amen

CD 18
01: Overture
02: This day, a solemn feast to Dagon held
03: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound
04: Ye men of Gaze
05: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound"
06: Loud as the thunder's awful voice
07: Then free from sorrow, free from thrall
08: Awake the trumpet's lofty sound"
09: Why by an angel was my birth foretold
10: Torments alas! are not confin'd
11: O change beyond report, thought, or belief!
12: O mirror of our fickle state!
13: Whom have I to complain of but myself
14: Total eclipse!
15: Since light so necessary is to life
16: Oh first created beam!
17: Ye see, my friends, how woes enclose me round
18: Brethren and men of Dan
19: O miserable change
20: O ever failing trust in mortal strength!
21: God of our fathers, what is man?
22: The good we wish for
23: Thy glorious deeds inspir'd my tongue
24: Justly these evils have befall'n thy son
25: My griefs for this forbid mine eye to close
26: Why does the God of Israel sleep?
27: There lies our hope!
28: Then shall they know
29: For thee, my dearest son
30: Then long eternity shall greet your bliss
31: Then round about the starry throne

CD 19
01: Despair not thus!
02: Just are the ways of God to man
03: My evils hopeless are!
04: Return, oh God of hosts!
05: But who is this that so bedeck'd and gay
06: With plaintive notes and am'rous moan
07: Alas! Th'event was worse than I foresaw
08: Your charms to ruin led the way
09: Forgive what's done
10: My faith and truth, oh Samson prove
11: To fleeting pleasures make your court
12: Ne'er think of that!
13: Traitor to love!
14: It is not virtue, valour, wit
15: Favour'd of heaven is he
16: To man God's universal law
17: No words of peace
18: Honour and arms scorn such a foe
19: Put on your arms
20: My strength is from the living God
21: With thee!
22: Go, baffled coward, go
23: Here lie the proof
24: Hear, Jacob's God, Jehovah, hear!
25: Dagon, arise!
26: To song and dance we give the day
27: To song and dance we give the day!
28: Fix'd in his everlasting seat

CD 20
01: More trouble is behind
02: Presuming slave, to move their wrath
03: Reflect then, Samson
04: With thunder arm'd great God, arise!
05: Be of good courage
06: Thus when the sun from's wat'ry bed
07: With might endued above the sons of men
08: The Holy One of Israel
09: Old Manoa, with youthful steps
10: Great Dagon has subdued our foe
11: What noise of joy was that?
12: How willing my paternal love
13: Your hopes of his deliv'ry seem not vain
14: Noise call you this?
15: Where shall I run
16: Ye sons of Israel
17: Proceed we hence to find his body
18: Dead March
19: The body comes
20: Glorious Hero, may thy grave
21: Come, come! No time for lamentation now
22: Let the bright Seraphim

CD 21
01: Overture
02: Behold! Auspicious Flashes Arise
03: Lucky Omens Bless Our Rites
04: Daughter, Obey
05: Ah! Ne! - O Jove!
06: The Morning Lark To Mine Accords His Note
07: See She Blushing Turns Her Eyes
08. Hymen, Haste, Thy Torch Prepare
09: Alas! She Yields, And Has Undone Me
10: Why Dost Thou Thus Untimely Grieve?
11: Avert These Omens
12: Again Auspicious Flashes Rise
13: Thy Aid, Pronubial Juno, Athamas Implores!
14: Cease Your Vows
15: O Athamas, What Toture Hast Thou Borne!
16:Turn, Hopeless Lover, Turn Thy Eyes
17: She Weeps!0
18:Your Tuneful Voice My Tale Would Tell0
19: Too Well I See, Thou Wilt Not Understand Me
20: You've Undone Me / With My Life I Would Atone
21: Ah, Wretched Prince / Wing'd With Our Fears /O Prodigy/See, See, Jove's Priests
22: Hail Cadmus!
23: Endless Pleasure

CD 22
01: Overture
02: Iris, Impatient Of Thy Stay
03: There From Mortal Cares Retiring
04: No More - I'll Hear No More! / Awake Saturnia.
05: Hence, Iris, Hence Away
06: Oh Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me?
07: Let Me Not Another Moment
08: Lay Your Doubts And Fears Aside
09: You Are Mortal And Require Time To Rest
10: With Fond Desiring
11: How Engaging, How Endearing
12: Ah Me! Why Sighs My Semele!
13: I Must With Speed Amuse Her
14: Now Love That Everlasting Boy Invites
15: By My Command0
16: Where'er You Walk
17: Dear Sister
18: But Hark! The Heavenly Sphere0
19: Prepare Then, Ye Immortal Choir
20: Bless The Glad Earth

CD 23
01: Overture
02: Somnus, Awake
03: Leave Me, Loathsome Light0
04: Dull God
05: More Sweet Is That Name
06: My Will Obey
07: Obey My Will / All I Must Grant
08: My Racking Thoughts By No Kind Slumbers Freed
09: Thus Shap'd Like Ino
10: Behold This Mirror
11: O Ecstasy Of Happiness
12: Myself I Shall Adore
13: Be Wise, As You Are Beautiful
14: Conjure Him By His Oath
15: Thus Let My Thanks Be Pay'd
16: Rich Odours Fill The Fragrant Air
17: Come To My Arms
18: O Semele! Why Art Thou....? / I Ever Am Granting
19: Speak What You Desire
20: By That Tremendous Flood, I Swear
21: You'll Grant What I Require? / Then Cast Off This Human
22: Ah, Take Heed
23: No, No, I'll Take No Less0
24: Ah, Whither Is She Gone?0
25: Above Measure Is The Pleasure, Which My Revenge Supplies0
26: Ah Me, Too Late I Now Repent
27: Of My Ill-Boding Dream
28: Oh, Terror And Astonishment
29: How I Was Hence Remov'd
30: Despair No More Shall Wound Me0
31: See From Above The Belling Clouds Descend
32: Sinfonia: Apollo Come
33: Appolo Comes, To Relieve Your Care
34: Happy Shall We Be

CD 24
01: Overture
02: Menuetto
03: See with what sad dejection
04: No longer, Fate, relentless frown
05: O Hercules! why art thou absent from me
06: The world, when day's career is run
07: Princess! be comforted, and hope the best
08: I feel, I feel the god
09: He said, the sacred fury left his breast
10: There in myrtle shades reclined
11: Despair not; but let rising hope suspend
12: Where congealed the northern streams
13: O filial piety! O generous love!
14: Banish your fears!
15: Begone, my fears, fly, hence, away
16: A train of captives, red with honest wounds
17: The smiling hours
18: Let none despair
19: March
20: Thanks to the powers above
21: My father! Ah! methinks I see
22: Now farewell, arms!
23: The god of battle
24: Ah me! How soon the flatterer hope
25: Daughter of gods, bright liberty
26: Crown with festal pomp the day

CD 25
01: Sinfonia
02: Why was I born a princess
03: How blest the maid ordained to dwell
04: It must be so
05: When beauty sorrow's liv'ry wears
06: Whence this unjust suspicion?
07: Ah! think what ills the jealous prove
08: It is too sure that Hercules is false
09: In vain you strive
10: Jealousy! Infernal pest
11: She knows my passion
12: Banish love from thy breast
13: Forgive a passion
14: From celestial seats descending
15: Wanton god of amorous fires
16: Yes, I congratulate
17: Alcides' name in latest story
18: O glorious pattern of heroic deeds!
19: Resign thy club and lion's spoils
20: You are deceived! Some villain has belied
21: Cease, ruler of the day, to rise
22: Some kinder power inspire me to regain
23: As stars, that rise and disappear
24: But see, the princess Iole
25: Joys of freedom, joys of power
26: Father of Hercules
27: Love and Hymen

CD 26
01: Sinfonia
02: Ye sons of Trachin, mourn you valiant chief
03: O scene of unexampled woe
04: Tyrants now no more shall dread
05: O Jove! what land is this
06: Great Jove! relieve his pains!
07: Let not fame the tidings spread
08: Where shall I fly?
09: No! the fair fatal cause of all this ruin!
10: My breast with tender pity swells
11: "Princess, rejoice! whose heaven-directed hand
12: He, who for Atlas prop'd the sky
13: Words are too faint
14: O prince, whose virtues all admire
15: Ye sons of freedom
16: To him your grateful notes of praise belong

CD 27
01: Overture
02: Vain, fluctuating state of human empire
03: Thou, God most high, and Thou alone
04: The fate of Babylon, I fear, is nigh
05: Lament not thus, oh Queen, in vain!
06: Behold, by Persia's hero made
07: Well may they laugh / Oh memory! Still bitter to my soul!
08: Opprest with never-ceasing grief
09: Dry those unavailing tears
10: Be comforted: safe though the tyrant seem"/ Methought, as on the bank of deep Euphrates
11: Now, tell me, Gobrias
12: Behold the monstrous human beast
13: Can you then think it strange
14: Great God! who, yet but darkly known
15: My friends, be confident
16: All empires upon God depend
17: Oh sacred oracles of Truth!
18: Rejoice, my countrymen / Thus saith the Lord to Cyrus
19: Sing, oh ye heav'ns

CD 28
01: Let festal joy triumphant reign!
02: For you, my friends
03: The leafy honours of the field
04: It is the custom, I may say, the law
05: Recall, oh king! thy rash command
06: They tell you true
07: Oh dearer than my life, forebear!
08: By slow degrees the wrath of God
09: See, from his post Euphrates flies!
10: You see, my friends, a path
11: Amaz'd to find the foe so near
12: To arms, to arms! no more delay!
13: Ye tutelar gods of our empire
14: Let the deep bowl thy praise confess
15: Where is the God of Judah's boasted pow'r?
16: Call all my Wise Men

CD 29
01: A Sinfony
02: Ye sages! welcome always to your king / Alas! too hard a task the king imposes
03: Oh misery! - oh terror! - hopeless grief!
04: Oh king, live for ever!
05: No! to thyself thy trifles be
06: Yet, to obey his dread command
07: Oh sentence too severe!" / Regard, oh son, my flowing tears
08: Oh God of Truth! oh faithful guide!
09: You, Gobrias, lead directly to the palace
10: Oh glorious prince!
11: Alternate hopes and fears
12: Fain would I hope
13: Can the black Aethiop change his skin?
14: My hopes revive
15: Bel boweth down!
16: I thank thee, Sesach
17: A Martial Symphony
18: To pow'r immortal my first thanks
19: Be it thy care, good Gobrias / Destructive War, thy limits know
20: Great victor, at your feet I bow
21: Say, venerable prophet
22: Tell it out among the heathen
23: Yes, I will build thy city
24: I will magnify thee

CD 30
01: Overture
02: Mourn, ye afflicted children
03: Well, may our sorrows, brethren, flow
04: From this dread scenn
05: For Sion lamentation make
06: Not vain is all the storm of grief
07: Pious orgies, pious airs
08: Oh Father, whose Almighty pow'r
09: I feel, I fee the Deity within
10: Arm, arm, ye brave!
11: We come, we come, in bright array
12: 'Tis well, my friends
13: Call forth thy pow'rs, my soul
14: To Heav'n's Almighty king we kneel
15: Oh liberty, thou choicest treasure
16: Come, ever-smiling liberty
17: Oh Judas, may these noble views inspire
18: 'Tis liberty, dear liberty alone
19: Come, ever-smiling liberty
20: Lead on, lead on! Judah disdains
21: So will'd my father, now a rest
22: Disdainfull of danger
23: Ambition! if e'er honour was thine aim
24: No unhallow'd desire
25: Haste we, my brethren
26: Hear us Lord, on thee we call

CD 31
01: Chorus: "Fall'n is the foe
02: Victorious hero! Fame shall tell
03: Aria: "So rapid thy course is
04: Well, may we hope our freedom to receive
05: Duet and Chorus:"Sion now her head shall rise
06: Oh let eternal honours crown his name
07: Aria: "From mighty kings he took the spoil
08: Duet and Chorus: "Hail, hail, Judea, happy land!
09: Thanks to my brethren, but look up to Heav'n"
10: How vain is man, who boasts in fight
11: Oh Judas, oh my brethren!
12: Ah! wretched, wretched Israel!
13: Be comforted
14: The Lord worketh wonders
15:"y arms! - against this Gorgias will I go
16: Sound an alarm!" 46. Chorus: "We hear, we hear the pleasing dreadful sound
17: Enough!" To Heav'n we leave the rest
18: With pious hearts, and brave as pious
19: Ye worshippers of God
20: Wise men, flatt'ring, may deceive us
21: Oh! never, never bow we down

CD 32
01: Father of Heav'n! from Thy eternal throne
02: See, see yon flames
03: Oh grant it, Heav'n
04: So shall the lute and harp awake
05: From Capharsalama, on eagle wings I fly
06: See, The Conqu'ring Hero Comes!
07: March
08: Sing unto God
09: Sweet flow the strains
10: With honour let desert be crown'd
11: Peace to my countrymen
12: To our great God be all the honours giv'n
13: Again to earth let gratitude descend
14: Oh Lovely Peace, With Plenty Crown'd
15: Rejoice, oh Judah! and in songs devine
16: Hallelujah! Amen!

CD 33
01: Overture
02: Your harps and cymbals
03: Praise ye the Lord
04: With pious heart
05: Almighty Power
06: Imperial Salomon
07: Sacred raptures
08: Throughout the land
09: Bless'd be the Lord
10: What tho' I trace
11: And see my Queen
12: Bless'd the day
13: Thou fair inhabitant of Nile
14: Welcome as the dawn of day
15: Vain are the transient beauties
16: Indulge thy faith
17: My blooming fair
18: Haste to the cedar grove
19: When thou art absent
20: With thee th'unshelter'd moor
21: Search round the world
22: May no rash intruder

CD 34
01: From the censer
02: Prais'd be the Lord
03: When the sun o'er yonder hills
04: Great prince
05: Thrice bless'd that wise discerning king
06: My sovereign liege
07: Words are weak
08: What says the other
09: Thy sentence, great king
10: Withhold, withhold the executing hand!
11: Can I see my infant gor'd
12: Israel' attend
13: Thrice bless'd be the king
14: From the east unto the west
15: From morn to eve
16: See the tall palm
17: No more shall armed bands
18: Beneath the vine
19: Swell, swell the full chorus

CD 35
01: Sinfony
02: From Arabia's spicy shores
03: Ev'ry sight these eyes behold
04: Sweep, sweep the string
05: Music, spread thy voice around
06: Now a diff'rent measure" - "Shake the dome"
07: Then at once from rage remove
08: Draw the tear from hopeless love
09: Next the tortur'd soul release
10: Thus rolling surge rise
11: Thy harmony's divine
13: Thrice happy king
14: Golden columns
15: Praise the Lord
16: Gold now is common
17: How green our fertile pastures look!
18: May peace in Salem
19: Will the sun forget to streak
20: Adieu, fair queen
21: Ev'ry joy that wisdom knows
22: The name of the wicked

CD 36
01: Ouverture
02: Trio
03: Courante
04: Recitative: "'Tis Dioclesian's natal day
05: Go, my faithful soldier, go
06: And draw a blessing down
07: Vouchsafe, dread Sir
08: Racks, gibbets, sword and fire
09: For ever thus stand fix'd
10: Most cruel edict
11: The raptur'd soul
12: I know thy virtues
13: Descend, kind Pity
14: Though hard, my friends
15: Fond, flatt'ring world, adieu
16: Oh bright example
17: Bane of virtue
18: Come, mighty Father
19: Fly, fly, my brethren
20: As with rosy steps the morn
21: All pow'r in heav'n
22: Mistaken wretches!
23: Dread the fruits of Christian folly
24: Deluded mortal"/Accompagnato: "O worse than death indeed
25: Angels, ever bright and fair
26: Unhappy, happy crew!
27: Kind heaven, if virtue be thy care
28: Oh love! how great thy pow'r
29: Go, gen'rous pious youth

CD 37
01: Ye men of Antioch
02: Queen of summer
03: Wide spread his name
04: Return, Septimius
05: Venus laughing from the skies
06: Sinfony
07: Oh thous bright sun!
08: With darkness deep
09: Sinfony
10: But why art thou disquieted?
11: O! that I on wings could rise
12: Long have I known
13: Though the honours, that Flora
14: O save her then
15: Deeds of kindness to display
16: The clouds begin to veil
17: Defend her, Heav'n
18: Or lull'd with grief
19: Sweet rose and lily
20: O save me, Heav'n
21: the pilgrim's home
22: Forbid it, Heav'n!"/Rec.: "Ah! what is liberty
23: To thee, thou glorious son of worth
24: 'Tis night
25: He saw the lovely youth
26: Oh thou bright sun!
27: Sinfony
28: But why art thou disquieted?
29: O! that I on wings could rise

CD 38
01: Lord, to thee each night and day
02: But see, the good, the virtuous
03: When sunk in anguish and despair
04: Blest be the hand
05: Undaunted in the court" / Accompagnato: O my Irene, Heav'n is kind
06: Whither, Princess, do you fly?
07: She's gone disdaining liberty and life
08: New scenes of joy come crowding on
09: Is it a Christian virtue then" / "Be that my doom
10: From virtue springs each gen'rous deed
11: Cease, ye slaves, your fruitless pray'r
12: 'Tis kind, my friends
13: How strange their ends
14: On me your frowns
15: Ye ministers of justice
16: And must such beauty suffer
17: Streams of pleasure ever flowing" / "Thither let our hearts aspire
18: Ere this their doom is past
19: O Love divine

CD 39
01: Overture - Menuet
02: It must be so: or these vile Ammonites
03: Pour forth no more unheeded pray'rs
04: No more to Ammon's god and king
05: But Jephta comes
06: Virtue my soul shall still embrace
07: Twill be a painful separation, Jephta...In gentle murmurs will I mourn
08: Happy this embassy, my charming Iphis...Dull delay, in piercing anguish
09: Ill suits the voice of love when glory calls...Take the heart you fondly gave
10: I go. My soul, inspir'd by thy command...These labours past, how happy we!
11: What mean these doubtful fancies
12: O God, behold our sore distress
13: Some dire event hangs o'er our heads...Scenes of horror, scenes of woe
14: Say, my dear mother
15: The smiling dawn of happy days
16: Such, Jephta, was the haughty king's reply
17: When his loud voice in thunder spoke

CD 40
01: Glad tidings of great joy to thee, dear Iphis
02: Cherub and Seraphim, unbodied forms
03: Up the dreadful steep ascending
04: Tis well. Haste, haste, ye maidens...Tune the soft melodious lute
05: Heav'n smiles once more on his repentant people...His mighty arm, with sudden blow
06: In glory high, in might serene
07: Symphony - Hail, glorious conqueror
08: Welcome as the cheerful light
09: Horror! confusion!...Open thy marble jaws, O tomb
10: Why is my brother thus afflicted
11: First perish thou, and perish all the world
12: If such thy cruel purpose...On me let blind mistaken zeal
13: O spare your daughter
14: Such news flies swift
15: Happy they! this vital breath
16: Deeper, and deeper still
17: How dark, O Lord, are Thy decrees!

CD 41
01: Hide thou thy hated beams, O sun
02: Waft her, angels, through the skies
03: Ye sacred priests...Farewell, ye limpid springs and floods
04: Doubtful fear and rev'rent awe
05: Symphony
06: Rise, Jephta, and ye rev'rend priests
07: Happy, Iphis shalt thou live
08: For ever blessed be Thy holy name
09: Theme sublime of endless praise
10: Let me congratulate this happy turn...Laud her, all ye virgin train
11: O let me fold thee in a mother's arms...Sweet as sight
12: My faithful Hamor, may that Providence...All that is in Hamor mine
13: Ye house of Gilead, with one voice
14: Applause

Fakta om - Händel - The Great Oratories

Genre(r)Klassisk, Opsamlinger
UdgivelsesdatoEr udgivet
Antal CDer41
TagsHändel, Cd

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Fakta om - Händel - The Great Oratories

Genre(r)Klassisk, Opsamlinger
UdgivelsesdatoEr udgivet
Antal CDer41
TagsHändel, Cd


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