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Nikolaus Harnoncourt - Handel: Great Oratorios - Cd

Disse fem spektakulære mesterværker med vokal solister, kor og orkester komponeret af den verdenskendte Handel i 1730'erne og 1740'erne. Disse både hellige og sekulærer temaer, som musikken lader... Læs mere.
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Disse fem spektakulære mesterværker med vokal solister, kor og orkester komponeret af den verdenskendte Handel i 1730'erne og 1740'erne. Disse både hellige og sekulærer temaer, som musikken lader sig inspirere af, skabte dette dramatiske geni, som gjorde Handel mesteren af opera. På denne CD tager Nikolaus Harnoncourt musikken op, og bringer de tidsløse toner tilbage, men med et strejf af hans egen kutymemæssige stil og flair for den klassiske elegance. 

CD 1
01: Symphony (1. Del)
02: Cofort ye
03: Ev'ry valley
04: And the glory of the Lord
05: Thus saith the Lord
06: But who may abide
07: And he shall purify
08: Behold, a virgin shall conceive
09: O thou that tellest good tidings
10: For behold, darkness shall cover the earth
11: The people that walked in darkness
12: For unto us a Child is born
13: Pifa
14: There were shepherds
15: And Io, the angel of the Lord
16: And the angel said unto them
17: And suddenly there was with the angel
18: Glory to God
19: Rejoice greatly
20: Then shall the eyes of the blind
21: He shall feed His flock
22: His yoke is easy
23: Behold the Lamb of God (2. Del)
24: He was despised

CD 2
01: Surely, He hath borne our griefs
02: And with His stripes
03: All we like sheep have gone astray
04: All they that see Him
05: He trusted in God
06: Thy rebuke hath broken His heart
07: Behold, and see
08: He was cut off
09: But Thou didst not leave
10: Lift up your heads
11: Unto which of the angels
12: Let all the angels of God
13: Thou art gone up on high
14: The Lord gave the word
15: How beautiful are the feet of them
16: Their sound is gone out
17: Why do the nations
18: Let us break their bonds asunder
19: He that dwelleth in Heaven
20: Thou shalt brek them
21: Hallelujah
22: I know my Redeemer liveth (3. Del)
23: Since by man came death
24: Behold, I tell you a mystery
25: The trumpet shall sound
26: Then shall be brought to pass
27: O death, where is thy sting
28: But thanks be to God
29: If God be for us
30: Worthy is the Lamb

CD 3
01: Symphony
02: How excellent thy name, o Lord (1. Del)
03: An infant reis'd by thy command
04: Along the monster atheist strode
05: The youth inspir'd by the, o Lord - How excellent thy name o Lord
06: He comes, he comes ! - O godlike youth!
07: Behold, o King - O King, your favours with delight
08: O early piety! O modest merit!
09: What abject thoughts - Yet think, on whom this honour you bestow
10: Birth and fortune I despise!
11: Tou, Merab, first in birth - My soul rejects the thought
12: See, with what a scornful air - Ah! Lovely youth!
13: Symphony
14: Already see the daughters of the land
15: Welcome, welcome mighty king! - Saul, who hast thy thousands slain
16: What do I hear? - David his ten thousands slew - To him ten thousands! - With rage I shall burst his praises to hear!
17: Imprudent women! - Fell rage and black despair possess'd
18: Rack'd with infernal pains, ev'n now the king comes forth
19: O Lord, whose mercies numberless o'er all thy works prevail
20: 'Tis all in vain
21: A serpent, in my bosom warm'd - Has he escap'd my rage?
22: Capricious man, in humour lost
23: Oh lilial piety! Oh sacred friendship! - No cruel father, no!
24: Preserve him for the glory of thy name, thy people's safety
25: Envy! Eldest-born of Hell! (2. del)
26: Ah, dearest friend - But sooner Jordan's stream - My father comes
27: Hast thou boey'd my orders - Sin not, o King, against the youth
28: As great Jehovah lives, I swar, the youth shall not be slain
29: From cities storm'd, and battles won, what glory an accure?

CD 4
01: Appear, my friend - No more imagine danger
02: Your word, o King, my loyal heart with double ardour fire
03: Yed, he shall wed my daughter!
04: A father's will has authoriz'd my love
05: O fairest of ten thousand fair
06: Is there a man, who all his ways directs, his God alone to please?
07: Concerto
08: Thy father is a s cruel, and as false, as thou art kind and true - At persecution I can laugh
09: Whom dost thou seek? And who has sent thee hither - No, no, let the guilty tremble at ev'ry thought of danger near
10: Mean as he was, he is my brother now - Author of peace
11: Symphony
12: The time at length is come
13: Where is the son of Jesse?
14: O fatal consequence of rage, by reason uncontroll'd
15: Wretch that I am! - 'Tis said, here lives a woman
16: With me what wouldst thou? - Infernal spirits, by whose por'r
17: Why hast thou forc'd me from the realms of peace
18: Symphony
19: Whence com'st tou? - Impiour wretch, of race accurst!
20: Dead March - Elegy on the Death of Saul and Jonathan
21: Mourn, Israel, mourn
22: Oh let it not in Gath be heard - From this unhappy day no more, ye Gilboan hills
23: Eagles were not so wift as they
24: In sweetest harmony they liv'd - Oh fataly day!
25: Ye men of Judah, weep no more
26: Gird on thy sword, thou man of might

CD 5
01: Ouvertüre
02: 'Twas at the royal feast, for Persia won by Philip's warlike son
03: Happy pair! Non but the brave deserves the fair
04: Timotheus, plac'd on high amid the tuenful quire
05: The song began from Jove
06: The list'ning crowd admire the lofty sound
07: With ravish'd ears the monarch hears
08: The praise of Bacchus then the sweet musician sung
09: Bacchus, ever fair and young - Bacchus' blessings are a treasure
10: Sooth'd with the sound, the king grew vain
11: He chose a mournful Muse
12: He sung Darius, great and good, by too severe a fate fall'n
13: With downcast looks the joyless victor sate
14: Behold Darius, great and good, by too severe a fate fall'n
15: The mighty master smil'd to see that Love was in the next degree
16: Softly sweet in Lydian measures soon he sooth'd the soul
17: Was, he sung, is toil and trouble
18: The many rend the skieks with loud apllause
19: The Prince, unable to conceal his pain
20: The many rend the skies with loud apllause

CD 6
01: Now strike the golden Lyre again! - Break his bands of sleep asunder - Hark, hark! The horrid sound
02: Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries
03: Give the vengeance due to the vailant crew
04: The princes apllaud with a furious joy
05: Thai led the way, to light him to his prey - The princes applaud with a furious joy
06: Thus, long ago, ere heaving Bellow learned to blow - At last divine Cecilia came, inventress of the vocal frame
07: Let old Timotheus yield the prize
08: Let old Timotheus yield the prize, or both divide the crown
09: Overture - From Harmony, from heav'nly Harmony - When Nature underneath a heap of jarring atoms lay
10: From Harmony, from heav'nly Harmony
11: What passion cannot Music raise and quell!
12: The Trumpet's oud clagor excites us to arms
13: March
14: The soft complaining Flue in dying notes
15: Sharp Violins proclaim their jealous pang and desperation
16: But oh! What art can teach - The sacred Organ's praise!
17: Orpheus could lead the savage race
18: But gright Cecilia rais'd the wonder high'r
19: As from the pow'r of sacred lays the spheres began to move

CD 7
01: Overture
02: Vain, fluctuating state of human empire! (1. Del)
03: Thou, God most high
04: The fate of Babylan, I fear, is nigh - O much belov'd God and man! Say
05: Lament not hus, o Queen, in vain!
06: Behold, by Persia's hero made in ample from
07: Well may they laugh, from meagre famine safe - Oh memory! Still bitter to my soul!
08: Oppress'd with never-ceasing grief
09: Dry those anavailing tears
10: Be comforted - Mehtought, as on the bank of deep Euphrates - Now tell me, Gobrias
11: Behold the monstrous human beast
12: Can you then think it strange - Great God! Who, yet but darkly known - M friends, be confident, and boldly enter...
13: All empires upon God depend
14: Oh sacred oracles of thuth!
15: Rejoice, my countrymen: The time draws near - For long ago, wohle ages ere this Cyrus was born - Thus saith the Lord 
16: Sing, oh ye Heav'ns

CD 8
01: Let festal joy triumphant reign!
02: For you, my friends, the nobles of my court
03: The leafy honours of the field
04: It is the custom, I may say, the law
05: Recall, oh king! Thy rash command
06: They tell you true
07: Oh dearer than my life, forbear!
08: By slow degrees the wrath of God
09: See, from his post Euphrates flies! - Why, faithless river, dost thou leave thy charge - Euphrates hath ... (2. Del)
10: You see, my friends, a path into the city lies open - Amaz'd to find the foe so near
11: To arms, to arms! No more delay!
12: Ye tutelar gods of our empire, look down
13: Let the deep bowl thy praise confess - Where is the God of Judah's boasted pow'r? - Help, help the king! - O dire..
14: Symphony - Ye sages! welcome always to your king - Alas! Too hard a task the king imposes
15: Oh misery! Oh terror! Hopeless grief!

CD 9
01: Oh king, live for ever! - Art thou that Daniel of the Jewish captives?
02: No! To thyself thy trifles be - Yet to obey his dread command - Thou, o king, hast lifted up thyself against the ...
03: Reard, oh son, my flowing tears
04: Oh God of truth! Oh faithful guide! - You, Gobrias, lead directly to the palace
05: Oh glorious prince!
06: Alternate hopes and fears distract my mind (3. del)
07: Fein would I hope - Is there not room for hope? - Can the black Aethiop change his skin?
08: My hopes revive, here Arioch comes
09: Bel boweth down!
10: I thank thee, Sesach - Martial Symphony
11: To pow'r immortal my first thanks are due
12: Be it thy care, good Gobrias, to find out the queen - Destructive War, thy limits know
13: Great victor, at your feet I bow
14: Say, venerable prophet, is there aught in Cyru's pow'r
15: Tell it out among the heathen, that the Lord is King - Yes, I will build thy city, God of Israel
16: I will magnify thee, oh God my king!

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Kunstner(e)Nikolaus Harnoncourt
UdgivelsesdatoEr udgivet
Antal CDer9
TagsHandel: Great Oratorios, Cd


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