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Phil Sterman - Adya Classic - Cd

Af Phil Sterman

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129,95 kr.
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phil sterman - adya classic - cd

The buyer looking at the package may be mystified as to what Adya Classic is, but both this disc and its predecessor, Adya Classic, have made the upper reaches of pop charts in parts of northwestern Europe. Both somewhat resemble the Hooked on Classics disco-classical LPs of the early '80s, although here the famous melodies are presented individually, not as medleys. Each piece has its own name, plus another title, vaguely Greek. Latin, or Eastern European-sounding, that seems to denote the rhythm track added by producer and arranger Phil Sterman. The classical component itself is played by a full orchestra, not electronically synthesized, and there are occasional vocalises from a soprano (check out Amazing Grace/Siralynth, track 5). Given that such releases are unlikely to satisfy fans of either the classics or electronic dance music, they're reasonably successful. The electronics themselves seem to be fairly unsophisticated, little advanced from Hooked on Classics days. But one can see why people have bought these. They're not monotonous; each piece has its own texture, its own adaptation to the classical work being interpreted, and they work up to or diverge from their classical models in various ways. They could certainly be danced to (and probably are), but they do not consist of 20-minute segments of the same beat like the Hooked on Classics albums did. The range of source materials here is wider than that on Adya Classic, including Amazing Grace, the "Going Home" melody from Dvorák's Symphony No. 9 in E minor slow movement, and a variety of upbeat operatic tunes. Cheesy this is, no doubt, but it has something to say about the next stage of the incorporation of the classics into European popular music. ~ James Manheim, All Music Guide

Fakta om Phil Sterman - Adya Classic

Kunstner(e)Phil Sterman
UdgivelsesdatoEr udgivet
TagsAdya Classic, Cd

Fakta om Phil Sterman - Adya Classic

Kunstner(e)Phil Sterman
UdgivelsesdatoEr udgivet
TagsAdya Classic, Cd

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    • Ulrik SoelbergUlrik Soelberg
      Ve' du hva' du ka'? Du ka' stole på Gucca!

      Ovenstående står til hel fri afbenyttelse.

    • John CarstensJohn Carstens
      Super handel

      Hurtig bestilling og levering.

    • Kim LarsenKim Larsen
      Hurtig levering

      2 dage så kom min pakke, super service:-)

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